Garage Door Spring Repair & Cable Replacement in Arcadia, CA.

Does your garage door open and close with a jerking motion? Or does it seem to lean to one side and appear crooked when it is moving? This means your springs may be in danger of failing. Torsion springs hold up the weight of the door as it is in motion. It will eventually fail once the weight of the frame deforms the spring completely. When that happens, you need immediate garage door spring repair.

Choose Superior Springs For Better Results.

High quality springs need to have a precise combination of strength and flexibility in order to withstand the weight of the door while offering the amount of resistance. It will keep the door in check at all points as it slides open and closed. Our company has spent years of time and a great amount of resources researching materials to find the best type of steel for this purpose.

The result of our interest in advanced materials is exclusive access to a particular type of high-grade steel that outperforms the springs of our competition threefold. Whereas stock springs are rated for between 5,000 and 10,000 cycles, ours have been rated for as many as 15,000 cycles. The value is clear..choose us when you want the best in durability and performance.

Determining The Time To Replace Springs.

It is generally easy to determine when you need garage door spring repair in Arcadia, CA. As mentioned above, an uneven door that seems to lean to one side probably has a single spring that is near failure.

The most important thing to remember is that the spring must be repaired before it fails completely. Failed springs will make your door very difficult to open, increasing the cost of spring replacement. Act quickly and order garage door repair Arcadia, CA so that you can save money. Then, keep your door in excellent shape for years to come.